The APHS concept

The Asian Event Dedicated to Disaster & Humanitarian Response

Asia – Pacific region is an especially dynamic part of the world that demonstrated strong economic growth.

But it is also the most disaster prone region of the world affected by natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, …), climate change and related disasters linked to rapid development of industries (dam failures, chemical pollution, mining disasters, oil spills, nuclear accidents, collapsed buildings, etc.).

These disasters, whether from natural or industrial origin (or terrorists) often generate public order disturbances (demonstrations), crime (looting) and population displacements and re-settlements.  Faced with these consequences, we need prevention, detection, and rescue equipment as well as safety-security equipment.

Asia Pacific Homeland Security is the place to develop your business, enhance your network and advance your knowledge.

In 2017, APHS focuses on the Smart Cities and their resilience. The conference day is dedicated to this thematic.